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What is a Branded Title?

For the most part, a branded (salvage) title means that the vehicle could be repaired, but an insurance company instead chose to write of their losses and simply replace it with ta new one depending on the original customers preference. A branded title car is a vehicle sold through an insurance auction for a variety of reasons, including theft recovery, hail damage, collision, water damage manufacturer buyback, reject repair, and ? or lemon law. The designation of salvage title on a vehicle  can mean different things in different states. In some states the term salvage means that the car has not yet been approved to be sold. In other states, salvage titles can be a designation that it was just a hail damage, collision or other damage in which an insurance auction wanted to recover a salvage value from the car, rather than try to get it repaired. Because of the different definitions of the salvage designation, we prefer to use "branded" and go on to disclose and educate customers on the reason that the vehicle was branded.

Will Bob's Auto Sales disclose why the car has a branded title or tell us what happened?

YES, we have an upfront full disclosure process on each vehicle with 100 % bumper to bumper warranty. We readily share this information and warranty the vehicle. For our Out of State buyers, we can review this information with you over the phone or send you the information by email.

How does Bob's Auto Sales get its vehicles?

Bob's Auto Purchases there vehicles from various facilities coast to coast.We specialize in GM makes and models. Take a look at our inventory. With our process we are able to handpick vehicles that we know our customers want, equipped with the features and trim levels they want.  The bulk of our cars are no more than 2-3 years old and have less than 10,000 Miles.  These are the types of vehicles where we believe we can unlock the most value for savvy shoppers inn today's competitive marketplace. 

Can I Still Get Auto Insurance for a Car with a Branded Title?

Yes! Absolutely! 

After more than 30 years of owning and selling branded title vehicles to family, friends, and valued customers, we are aware of only a few insurance companies that will not fully insure branded title vehicles from Bob's Auto Sales. An insurance company's primary concern is knowing that every vehicle is safe and roadworthy, and at Bob's Auto Sales EACH of our vehicles that have been through the rigorous inspections and regular safety/emission inspections, easily meeting their criteria.  Another thing to keep in mind her is that we were established over 30 years ago and have sold thousands of safe reliable vehicles, all of which have needed insurance coverage. 

(Insurance is absolutely attainable and if you would like a referral to someone with whom you could speak about the matter we’d be happy to provide one.)

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